Standard Reliance believes that a safer, more resilient America demands the priority of individual responsibility and preparedness. Our team was founded to empower individuals to survive any situation through education and by providing the necessary survival gear and supplies.

To achieve that goal, we built an organization around individuals who have the business acumen, real-world experience, and attitudes that enhance and perpetuate our culture and mission.  Just as important, we have assembled a team with integrity and a unique passion for helping all American’s be Self Reliant.

Matthew Grogan

Matthew Grogan leads the education and product research team at Standard Reliance. As a a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, he has multiple combat tours in the Middle East and deployments in South Asia, which has earned him extensive experience in military leadership, operational strategies and real world survival experience.

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Ronald Coleman

Ron Coleman leads the business team at Standard Reliance. He is a highly self-motivated, ambitious entrepreneur with a talent for invoking passion and ideas with others. He enjoys challenging roles and opportunities to create and execute on ideas that will change the landscape of the industry.

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