Our forefathers founded a country unique to the world. For the first time in the world, the United States’ constitution exclaimed individual liberty, freedom, and responsibility. Never before had the rights of an individual supersede the rights of the many. History has shown, time and time again, that Mob rule and group think inevitably fail. Our country’s framers knew the strength of a country was not in their government, but in each and every citizen of the nation. They envisioned a country where the Washington was supported by the states, the states by the cities, and the cities by each and EVERY citizen. In the end, the county rests upon the shoulders of the people.

WE are the foundation. Our fathers knew this, and as such, they wanted us to be as able and empowered as possible. Although a single man can think and act quickly, the government is intentionally burdened with process and procedure. Change was meant to be slow and methodical.

Ultimately, government was never designed to be reactionary, WE were. Government was simply designed to safe guard OUR ability to react. The nations resources are best utilized at the lowest level. Calamity can happen any place, any time. The more money and resources accumulated by Washington, the less will be available for you the day you need it.

There was a time when we were all expected to come together’s aid; to help your neighbor in times of need. This paradigm required individuals to be themselves self-reliant: to know how to react in crisis, to know how to store food, and to know how to protect themselves.

A country is only as strong as its citizenry. Self-Reliance and personal independence is a duty of everyone. We must all be able to stand on our own, side by side, in times of strife. In the end, WE cannot delegate our duty to think, to judge, to thrive.

The United States, the longest lasting constitution in the world, is unique. We know that a chain is as strong as its weakest link, and our foundation is as strong as our weakest, government-reliant citizens.

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