As we are getting ready for our first trip, there is a lot we have to learn. I am documenting everything that I plan to take on our first adventure and we will monitor to see what we use and what is necessary. We are taking on quite the challenge for our first backpacking trip, Conundrum Hot Spring in March in Aspen, Colorado. Conundrum Hot Springs

As of right now, I have the gear list, which is coming it at over 30lbs, broken into the following categories:

  • Pack                    4+lbs
  • Clothing               5+lbs
  • Food                    4+lbs
  • Water Supplies    1+lbs
  • Cooking               2+lbs
  • Tools                    3+lbs
  • Sanitation            1 lb
  • Fire                      1 lb
  • Sleeping              8+lbs

Here is a link to a detailed list of everything that I am bringing on our trip, not including snow shoes, poles and a jacket. I am getting a little concerned about the overall weight of the pack, but I rather have something and not need it, than need it and not have it, especially with upto 7′ of snow being reported on the trail. This will be a living document and I will fine tune it

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