This is the season of resolutions, the time of year when we all start crafting our New Year resolution “to do” list.  Aside from the always classic “lose weight” and “make time to read more”, I would encourage everyone to set aside a spot on the list for furthering your self-reliance.

Taking a few minutes to reflect upon the past year, we can definitely find some situations that placed ourselves, or our loved ones, in a precarious vulnerable state.  Perhaps you had a flat tire and were stranded until help arrived.  Maybe you were forced to evacuate during a flood or wildfire, and found yourself trying to throw your life’s possessions into a duffle bag at the last minute.  You may have been caught in unexpected inclement weather during a simply day hike.  In each scenario, an simple unforeseen event forced you from your comfort zone and required you to react unprepared.

Unfortunately, many of these scenarios are common place, and are likely to occur again in the near future.  This year resolve to be prepared.  Resolve to have a spare tire in your car, and know how to change it.  Create an evacuation kit with a short term change of clothes, and a list of items from you house to grab at a moment’s notice.  Resolve yourself to plan ahead on every hike, bringing a few simple survival items to weather the unexpected.  Ponder a situation this year that you would have done things different, and resolve to be prepared in the future.  In time, with every passing year, you will find yourself gaining more self-reliance as you depend on others less and less.  Independence begins one step at a time….this year, start stepping in the right direction.

Semper Fi & Happy New Year!

Matt, an Independent American

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