It becomes very easy to fill our need to be self reliant with the latest camping supplies, stock piles of food, and weapons. Our self reliant checklist can become quite the shopping list. However, learning skills, like CPR, must not be overlooked.  These lifesaving skills will greatly increase your independence and your ability to help protect your friends and family.  CPR has one purpose….to save life.   Fortunately, CPR is easy enough for anyone to learn.

As a response to cardiac arrest, CPR will continue the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body and brain.  Cardiac arrests are far more common than most would think.  As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 happen inside the household, to the ones we know and love.

The American Heart Association has produced a short video explaining the fundamentals, however the skills of CPR are best learnt from first hand instruction.  Find your nearest class offered by the American Red Cross.


Semper Fi,

Matt, An Independent American

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