All too often we hear a debate on television about the “castle” or  “make my day” laws.  Critics of guns often incite panic and concern over using deadly force.  These critics tend to believe in leaving crime deterrence in the hands of the government, namely, the local police.  Any one who has had an assailant at their front door can testify that, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

We all must understand that a firearm is a last resort defense measure.  A solid front door will go a long way to safe guard your family; however, reliant, independent Americans understand the value of a plan B.  Purchasing a firearm can be a daunting task. Gun stores are usually marketed toward the gun community, those who already walk and talk the talk; however, we can boil home defense firearms into a few simple options, and compare the advantages of a few models ideal for home defense.

The Shot Gun

Most everyone in the firearm community will agree that the pump action shotgun is the best home defense weapon.  A basic Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 are relatively cheap and are incredibly simple to operate.  The pump action is a proven method for consistent operation, firing 5 rounds or more before having to reload.  Furthermore, the variety of ammunition allows an owner to adapt the weapon for different environments.  My personal favorite, 00 buckshot, will fire nine bullet sized pellets and will undoubtable knock even the largest most intoxicated assailant out of the fight.  On the other hand, birdshot will fire 100’s of small BB’s in their direction, but will significantly limit wall penetration (and important consideration if you have loved ones or pets scattered throughout the house).  A pump action shot gun will also provide a rather large psychological deterrent.  Looking down a 12g barrel will undoubtedly make any home invader think twice before taking one more step toward your family.

The Revolver

For those who prefer the compact and portability of a pistol, you cannot go wrong with a simple revolver.  A revolver’s small size can be easily concealed and maneuvered around a home’s tight corners, and fit a variety of hand sizes. The operation of a revolver is much less complicated than the common semi-automatic pistols, making the revolver much more reliable.  Semi-auto pistols automatically feed each bullet before firing, and ultimately have a propensity to jam.  A double action model requires you to simply point and pull the trigger.  Simplicity is crucial in a high stress situation


Matt, an Independent American

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