Standard Reliance believes that planning and preparedness is quintessential for self-reliance.  A lack of planning is too often a single point of failure for the most independent American.  This becomes evident when an unpredictable disaster or other critical event occurs, inevitably resulting in government assistance and relief.  A truly self-reliant person must not only have the mentality and determination to survive and thrive, but also the means to do so.

To reach true self-reliance, a person must possess the adequate supplies and resources prior to their necessity.  This guide will provide step by step guidance for the accumulation of supplies, starting with the most fundamental for survival.

A person’s environment is the most important consideration for survival.  No one plan is designed perfectly for everyone everywhere.  The lists provided will provide the foundation for your survival supplies.  Most items are universal and will apply in every environment while others will be dependent on the location and situation.  It is imperative to view these lessons and lists through the lens of your environment.

We have outlined the 9 Steps one must follow to become Self Reliant.

Step 1:Resolve & Awareness

Step 2: Food & Water

Step 3Heat, Shelter & Sanitation

Step 4: Defense

Step 5: Medical

Step 6: Relocation Plan

Step 7: Pets

Step 8: Build Community

Step 9: Repeat Steps 1 – 8